Protesting… What?

Yesterday on my way to vigil Mass, I passed Planned Parenthood on Poplar. Outside was a group of mostly women rallying for the institution and against Donald Trump’s election. A police car was nearby, but it didn’t seem that anyone was accosting them.

Why this happened, or why any of this happens elsewhere eludes me. In the case of Planned Parenthood, Trump had early on said he would not cut funding for it. So what’s the problem? Why the hysteria? Why the hysteria around the country? What do people think will happen after January 20th? Rounding up of liberals, immigrants and minorities? Get a grip.

We got a taste of this venom earlier in the year on facebook. All of us know friends, neighbors and family who “unfriended” us or who we unfriended because they used the site to spew vile ideas about each other. There were people even in the Republican primaries that I had to unfriend because they were so outrageous and intolerant.

I even got an anonymous letter faulting me for not having a Trump sign in my yard. I was accused of being a RINO with the threat that whoever sent it would be back checking up on me.

Like others, family members even got ugly about the election. Whatever happened to their love of diversity and freedom of speech?

Some interesting comments on a thread mirror what most of us on the Trump side have felt. Here’s a sample:

Everyone needs to understand that this is the new behavioral strategy of liberals…shaming, shunning, and exile of anyone who disagrees with their worldview. The very things they despised in their warped perception of fundamentalist Christians. But now on steroids. Totally hysterical. Unwavering. Unforgiving.

What is driving the left´s unhinged violence is the fear that PE Trump will succeed. If that happens their world will collapse. They will be confronted with the fact that their ideas are worthless. In their delusion, they do not have the cognitive reasoning to make the connection between conservative common sense solutions and a successful prosperous country. Therefore, all that is left for them is violence fueled by unbridled rage.

One thing that would help considerably is if the Pubbies would organize a national boycott of the MSM. Publish a manifesto that UNTIL they start objectively reporting ALL the news (not just one side of it), their ratings and corporate sponsorship will suffer enormously.

Mere days ago, the Enemedia was hysterically lynching Trump for saying he should be free to contest the election results. Look who´s contesting now, and the Enemedia is lapping the deranged protesters up like honey. Defeating the Enemedia on Nov. 8 was one thing, but far more important for the survival of the nation will be to somehow get their daily injection of poison out of the nation´s bloodstream.

These hypocrites constantly preach that we all must be tolerant of others lifestyles, etc. They call themselves “progressives” when they are nothing more than anti-American anarchists hat want to destroy this country from within. They are an infection and their ideology has spread to our schools.

The protests have reached a level that is out of control. Amusingly, most of these riots that cause problems for commuters and residents are happening in cities where Hillary won. Yet they keep on doing it.

One outcome the protestors don’t get is that they are inoculating Trump from future dissent. Now they are crying wolf when nothing has even happened yet. They will keep at it and soon no one will pay any attention to them anymore. You can’t sound an alarm hourly and expect police to respond the 53rd time.

The other outcome is that when President Trump succeeds in making the economy hum, government function efficiently, crime to go down and our enemies to retreat, many of these young people will stop fighting and start enjoying our country. Reagan did that in the 80s. Nothing succeeds like success. Who will want to listen to malcontents anymore?

It’s a shame that President Obama doesn’t step in and discourage these people. But, he’s one of them, so don’t expect that.

The good news is he’ll be irrelevant in about 70 days. Can’t come soon enough!

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