Little People, Big Controversy

Last night I watched the first episode of a new season of Little People, Big World on TLC. I’ve watched the show about a family of little people and some of their average height children from the beginning. The show has never dabbled in politics – until last night.

The storyline concerned father Matt’s surgery and the family’s farmhand of 24 years’ deportation.

Yahootv reports:

While Matt was in Los Angeles for his surgery, his ex-wife Amy was informed by a lawyer that Camerino must be deported to Mexico. Of course, Matt was surprised to hear the news. He was also saddened to learn that Camerino would have to leave his family behind.

And, fans of the show took to Twitter to express their feelings. D wrote, “Omg I just balled at Camerino having to be deported. I can’t believe they just separate families like this” and Kim Smith tweeted, “I’m bawling on this part. Why deport someone who isn’t causing trouble but keep the ones that are? Such a sad time!!!”

Despite the surprising departure, there is still hope that one day soon Camerino will be able to return.

“As soon as I get to my feet, I’ll do everything I can to change that, to bring you back,” Matt said. “This farm will not survive without you.”

Yes, they pulled all the heartstrings. They didn’t, however, give us any explanation as to the deportation letter. Was he involved in some criminal activity? Why now? What were the reasons? There has to be more to the story than a random ruling.

Funny how it airs now, although it had to have been shot at least six months ago. The implication is that now that Donald Trump is president elect, all these nice immigrants will have their lives cruelly effected. In fact, Yahootv said, “Tell us what you think! Hit us up on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, or leave your comments below. And check out our host, Cynthia LuCiette, on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.”

In other words, they want a backlash.

Of course I, like many other Americans, am not heartless. Neither is Trump. He has said he wants to deport immigrants who have been involved in violent criminal acts. This is completely reasonable.

We need also to reexamine our immigration laws – or at least enforce the ones we have. To let just anyone in is reckless. Citizenship has to be earned. You can’t come in and immediately expect the same privileges of people whose family members helped found the country and defend it sometimes to their death.

My grandfather, who came to this country from Greece to work in the coal mines, earned his citizenship by enlisting in World War I. As a result he lost most of his eyesight. Yet he became a citizen and made the lives of subsequent family members much better than what he experienced.

Hollywood has always wanted to indoctrinate us. TV has joined them. TV executives in charge of entertainment programming had said they would use storylines to impact issues they want to expose. That means they will not show both sides.

Getting our country back on track will be a fight – that is a certainty.

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