Much to Be Thankful For

Republicans have a special reason to give thanks this day.

Our nominee won the election, we kept the Senate and House and expanded our dominance in state legislatures. I think we now have 33 that are both Republican, with 32 governors as well. This time Kentucky flipped to full GOP and even Minnesota(!) although they have a Democrat governor.

It’s also been sweet to watch the meltdown of the liberal media. They were so sure a Clinton victory was in the bag. They ignored all kinds of warning signs along the way, to their detriment.

I found this sentiment at American Digest and it truly is delicious:

I liken the last few weeks since Trump’s (and Flyover America’s) victory to living inside a giant life-sized Advent Calendar where each day, we get to run downstairs and rip open a new window or door with today’s date on it, and inside lies another shiny golden prize of a dream cabinet appointment, or maybe an ideological enemy going abso-fruitly mouth-foaming batshit, and even and filming their meltdown (!) for our repeated viewing pleasure as we nearly convulse laughing at what feckless pusstards they’ve always been, or perhaps it will be the promise of a worthless and abusive government Agency that’s about to be taken out at the knees, and I pop that candy news into my grinning maw and work the beautiful reality of it around in my mind like an intellectual all-day sucker that lasts clean out until bedtime.


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