Twitter’s Censorship

It is deeply troubling to me that Twitter can control free speech. If they don’t like what you say – and it doesn’t have to be slanderous, dangerous or wrong – they stop you.

One of the bloggers I look at daily, Don Surber, explained what just happened to him. It illustrates how Twitter controls everything.

He calls it “how the media handles Twitter, or how to get blocked by a media type in two tweets. I have this down to a science.”

He illustrates what he means with these tweets which concern the recount. The comment is from someone called Tom Nichols: “I do. I think he cannot process that he lost the popular vote. He thinks rallies in East Cupcake County = popular vote”
Don Surber then said: “Can you process that popular vote does not elect presidents? No Electoral College no Constitution Couldn’t get 9 states to ratify without it”

Tom Nichols replied, “I’m not the one questioning the popular vote, Cult Lieutenant”
The Surber reply: “Hey, I’m not a Cult Lieutenant. I’m a Cult NCO. I work for a living.”

…aaaaaaaaaaaaaand I am blocked.

Tom Nichols is, according to Tom Nichols, a “Professor @NavalWarCollege and @HarvardEXT. Fmr US Senate aide. Sr. Cont. @FDRLST. New book: The Death of Expertise (Winter 2017). Dad, cat guy. Views my own.”

I was not following him, but someone I follow re-tweeted and I decided to have fun.

But people who are so serious never have fun. Fun is the one thing that money can’t buy.

He joins John Podhoretz, several National Review writers, a few New York Times writers, and a few others in blocking me.

Bill Kristol not only has not blocked me but he follows me. I appreciate that, and respect him for that.

I once blocked a few people. But now that I am retired from the media, I have adopted a more Bill Kristol attitude toward critics. Just spell it right:


Doesn’t take much to get you blocked from twitter, does it?

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