Something Else in My Cornflakes

And I’m not talking about a banana.

No, gone are the days when you could just enjoy any typical American activity – from football games, to shopping to eating.

Now everything has to be politicized, thanks to our liberal friends.

They just can’t leave anything alone. They have to control it all, even down to our cereal bowls. Kellogg’s is the latest to stir up trouble. Breitbart News reports, “Kellogg’s announced earlier this week that it is attempting to pull ads from running on Breitbart News’ website because of an ostensible conflict with the company’s ‘values.'”

What are these people? Flakes? Breitbart gets over 45 million visitors on its site; does Kellogg’s really want to pick a fight with them? If any people know how to fight, it’s the Breitbart family. They rallied 125,000 people to sign a petition eschewing Kellogg’s products in less than 24 hours. That doesn’t include other sites that are spreading the word that Kellogg’s progressive/liberal values are hard to swallow.

If you say instead, like President Obama to a reporter, “can’t I just eat my waffle?” instead of cereal, the answer is no. Leggo that Eggo because it’s a Kellogg’s product, too. If you’re a conservative you won’t want to put any money in that til either.

The CEO of Kellogg’s has got to know he’s made a huge mistake. Post, General Mills and generic brands can fill our bowls just as easily (and probably cheaper) than Tony Tiger’s master. Kellogg’s unwittingly opened an extra box of whoop ass with this as well. Breitbart finds, “Since then, Kellogg’s has suffered a backlash and a barrage of bad publicity, some of it coincidental. On Wednesday, Amnesty International released a report alleging that Kellogg’s profited from child labor and forced labor in harvesting palm oil for Pringles chips sold in China.

“Other Kellogg’s practices are now coming under closer scrutiny, including the company’s involvement in controversial racial disputes and left-wing politics in general.”

Memphians remember Kellogg’s recently concerning a plant here. Labor relations got bad in 2014. Someone here urinated on the product line. “The FDA has opened up a criminal investigation into a video appearing to show a man urinating on an assembly line at a Kellogg facility in Memphis, TN, according to a report by Fox5.

“The video, uploaded Friday to the site, was found to have been recorded in 2014. It reportedly could have affected Rice Krispies Treats, Rice Krispies Treats cereal and puffed rice cake products. All would have passed their expiration date by now.

“It is believed that the video was shot during a labor dispute between Kellogg’s and employees who were locked out.”

Liberal bias and urine in one product. Well done, Kellogg’s.

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