New Network in January

During the campaign, one group managed to provide coverage of every Trump rally. They were on the scene before the event, during and until the end. They gave the world an unfiltered view of the crowds and speeches.

Right Side Broadcasting Network showed their filming on their website, Drudge and other sites. They provided a welcome relief from cable news network coverage that broke off when they thought they had shown enough or alphabet networks who showed some rallies on their websites, but as they determined, not viewers.

Conservatives, Republicans and Trump fans appreciated the unvarnished coverage of Right Side Broadcasting. Now they have announced that in January, they will premier their new network.

This is particularly good news considering that Obama has said that he is interested in developing his own media group after he leaves the presidency. Then Google, Facebook and Twitter like to control content, too; a very dangerous development. Our side must push back.

I like also that their headquarters will be in Alabama. The news in New York and DC becomes clouded by the liberal beliefs there. Their disconnect was one of the reasons the media didn’t see the election outcome. In their posh Manhattan offices they had no idea what the rest of the country thought or cared about.

Right Side Broadcasting will do well not to have the same tired pundits and talking heads. We’ve had enough blather from Rich Lowry, Bill Cristol, Karl Rove, etc. We all know how much that is worth.

Glenn Beck tried to have a successful network with the Blaze, but he let his Trump hatred burn up his whole endeavor.
He could have had a big impact if he hadn’t become Preacher Man and determiner of right and wrong.

Rumors have surfaced that Ivanka and her husband Jared Kushner may back some kind of new network. Kushner showed himself to be prescient in knowing how to connect with voters and he is also familiar with journalism as the publisher of the New York Observer. Together they have a wealth of talent as well as money.

Have they helped here? Don’t know. But Right Side Broadcasting is certainly on the right track at the right time.

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