Thank You Speech

Last night Donald Trump and Mike Pence traveled to West Allis, Wisconsin, as part of their victory appreciation tour. Wisconsin natives Reince Priebus, Speaker Paul Ryan and Governor Scott Walker were in attendance, too.

The first thing he did was to wish everyone a Merry Christmas. He said it again and the crowd roared. People appreciate being freed from political correctness and Trump understands this.

Trump rambled during his speech as he often does. He talked to the audience and engaged the crowd with questions, again, as he often does. He even stopped when a woman in the audience had some apparent problem and called for a doctor in the house to come assist her. He waited until someone did respond.

The audience replied with cheers and cries of Drain the Swamp and Lock Her Up. They were delighted with his tone and responsiveness to them.

It occurred to me how different a candidate Trump was from Clinton. She could never just talk to and with an audience. Her hair had to be coiffed, her notes there, her speech written. She was and is incapable of engaging with everyday Americans. She always appeared stiff. Hillary was incapable of anything impromptu. And they wonder why she lost the election?

When Trump mentioned fellow Republican Paul Ryan, the crowd booed. Not just once, but repeatedly. Do you think Ryan got the message? Probably no more than Hillary did. Trump added that Ryan was a lot like fine wine – the more you sip the more you appreciate it. Interesting, considering that Trump is a teetotaler. He wouldn’t know that experience. Do you think it was a little tongue in cheek?

He also mentioned that earlier in the day Kanye West, some sports stars and Anna Wintour made the trip up the Trump Tower golden elevator to see him. I understand Kanye. His meeting with Trump will get the attention of more low information voters than the announcement of his Secretary of State nominee. Both benefit from that photo op.

But when I heard that Wintour, the snooty, bobbed hair, dark glasses wearing British editor of Vogue paid a visit, it was worth a spit take. She loathes Trump and was a big Hillary fan. The model for the nasty editor in the movie “The Devil Wears Prada” would no more be caught dead there than sport a handbag from Target. Truly Hell has frozen over.

Trump asked the audience if they wanted to hear again about election night. He pointed to the network cameras at the back and again called them dishonest people, to the delight of the crowd. This time he added more to his story. He again mentioned that Ivanka and husband Jarrod contacted him with bad news about the exit polls. Trump said he was disappointed, but felt he had given it his all and would accept whatever happened, knowing that he did his best. He said that wife Melania told him he would win, but he attributed her loyalty to being a good wife rather than a realistic one.

The president elect showed a humbler side of himself with this anecdote and a maturity that comes from a long life of ups and downs.

Newt Gingrich said the other day that he wants Trump to continue these thank you tours during his presidency. He’s right. It’s a great way to connect with the people and to step over the media and those in Congress opposing him.

Can you imagine Hillary doing that? Anything outside of the beltway would seem a waste of time to her. No wonder she lost.

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