Party Down

Hillary Clinton held her big Thank you party last night at the Plaza Hotel in New York. She rented a ballroom at the cost of about $100,000 to thank the big donors for shoveling money down a rabbit hole.

The mood was down, evidently. Not surprising. So is the Democrat party. They are so deep in that rabbit hole it may take decades (hopefully) to dig out of it.

All the glitterati were there, dulled by the Clinton loss. Quite a difference from their appearances this summer and early fall. Here’s Hillary coming to the hotel:

Doesn’t look too happy does she? She has a little of that odd, unhealthy look about her, especially the eyes, as she did at times during the campaign.

Here’s Vogue editor Anna Wintour, a major Hillary backer. She doesn’t even want to show her face:

The Daily Mail reports:

As recently as October, Wintour was pictured smiling as she arrived at a Hillary Victory Fund concert in New York wearing a Clinton supporter t-shirt.

Clinton planned the costly party to thank those donors who doled out millions to the Democrat’s presidential campaign.

Among the other guests expected to attend were Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein, designer Tory Burch, investor Alan Patricof and billionaire hedge-fund manager Marc Lasry.

They not only donated to Clinton’s campaign but also hosted fundraising events.

Wintour also used her position to have Vogue formally endorse Clinton for president.

Wintour also made a trip to the golden elevators, aka Trump Tower and took a ride up. We don’t know if she spoke with The Donald or was it Melania?

Must have irked her to go crawling there.

Cheer up, celebs. As shallow as you are, this will pass quickly and it will be on to the new fashionable thing.

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