Trump Bashing at the CA

While at least half of the country is celebrating the renewed optimism fueled by the Trump administration, the Commercial Appeal isn’t feeling the love.

Everyday brings a new barrage of headlines to your breakfast table, served right up with your coffee and toast. Perhaps they think conservatives will choke on this repugnant fodder and get rid of us that way. That seems to be the Democrat election strategy nowadays.

Today we are treated to some beauts. The front page says “Obamacare’s Tennessee inroads tenuous under Trump.” We find that it hasn’t done well because of “the cultural mindset of a state largely set against anything that bears the Democratic president’s name.” In other words, we’re a racist state. Nice. Nevermind that Tenncare didn’t work either, even without Obama in the name. Why is that? If they looked a little past their bias they might find out.

Don’t want that to happen.

Page 2 says “Trump family charity pitches entangled in ethical issues.” Not only is the president elect bad, but his children are, too! I hope they don’t go after the family dogs or cats next. “Last week, Eric Trump tried auctioning a coffee date with his sister Ivanka to raise money for a children’s hospital.” Wow. Talk about scandal! It was OK, though, to sell of nights in the Lincoln Bedroom to donors under the Clinton regime. Or the way the Clinton Global Initiative ripped off the Haitians. They were Democrats and that erases any ethical problem there where journalism is concerned.

Onto page 4, page 3 having ads on it plus the rest of the page 1 story. Here they say “Poll: Trump has not made progress in uniting nation.” Uh oh. He’s not even president yet, but should have wrapped that up in the first month of his president elect status. Wasn’t that supposed to be something Obama would do – bring us together? They hope you forget that we are more divided now than ever thanks to his constant harping on race and inequality.
If you weren’t depressed yet, there is always David Waters to do it for you.

In the Local section he says the “longest night of year bitter for those living in the streets.” Call it a ghost of Christmas future strategy, i.e., we’ll have even more of them under that evil, heartless Trump administration.

On the bright side, all these negative stories make it easier to throw the CA in the recycle bin quickly and save time for more important events like clipping your toenails. The CA’s dwindled badly already, but they seem determined to take it to the micro status. Keep it up and soon it will be the size of your church bulletin.
This constant hitting on Trump is the same strategy they used successfully with President George W. Bush. It worked quite well on him.

I get the feeling it will not on Donald J. Trump. He will call them out and go on offense against them.

In that battle, I’m betting on the Donald.

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