Trump Exceeded St. Jude Numbers

Our daily rag that tries to pass for a newspaper, went all on the offense when it came to Eric Trump and St. Jude.

Why they would do this, when St. Jude is a great cause and a great asset to the city, shows just how much they loathe Donald Trump. Anybody else would have gotten positive attention from his or her work for St. Jude. But liberals can’t allow any on the right any credit.

According to the conservative daily, the amount tops what was reported.

Donald Trump’s foundation came under fire recently after a leaked tax return showed there may have been cases of “self-dealing.”

The president-elect’s foundation was also seen as a potential conflict of interest with his presidency and there were questions raised about his son Eric’s foundation as well.

On Twitter, Trump claimed Eric was an unnecessary target, and innocent children with cancer would suffer if he weren’t able to continue his fundraising efforts.

Just how much charity money Eric Trump raised was heavily debated in the press after he gave an amount that conflicted with tax records.

While the president-elect claimed his son raised $15 million, a hospital official from St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital of Tennessee reported that the Eric Trump Foundation actually helped raise even more than that.

Richard C. Shadyac Jr., president of St. Jude’s fundraising organization, wrote a letter to the president-elect on December 30th.

His letter said that Eric Trump raised more than $16.3 million over the past decade. Efforts to raise money for the organization include marathons, golf outings and online auctions.

First, he described the advances that have been made:

“I am amazed by the many ways that you have personally embraced our cause and cared for our children and families. As you are aware, we are expanding our lifesaving work and are working to push cure rates even higher in this country and around the world, while improving the lives of survivors by developing and advancing treatments that reduce side effects.”

Then, he cited donors like the Trump family as the reason why progress in pediatric cancer has been possible. Shadyac wrote:

“We are only able to do this because of the support provided by donors and supporters like you.”

Donald Trump decided to shut down his own foundation and will remove his name from the Eric Trump Foundation, to prevent a conflict of interest. However, he said he will, “continue to be a vocal advocate for pediatric cancer and St. Jude’s mission.”

Shame on the CA for letting their partisanship overrule the good.

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