Video Confirms O Most Worthless Prez Ever

Celebrities and others made this farewell video for Obama. Put it in the ‘”you can’t make this stuff up” category. Truly, it’s unbelievable. If that’s what these people think are achievements, God help the country.

So his list of accomplishments comes down to his Cuba policy, saying “what we’ve been doing hasn’t worked”; which seems brilliant to Tom Hanks. Funny, that’s how I see the past eight years. It’s signing the Paris agreement on climate change, a made up issue that just brings the elites money; his singing Amazing Grace after the Sandy Hook shootings (as if that did one whit of good); pardoning felons; urging youth to eat our peas; lighting up the White House in support of gay marriage; shoving through the Affordable Care Act.

If that’s all you could do in 8 years with the power of the presidency, that’s pathetic.

Here’s what I remember about the past 8 years:

A leading from behind foreign policy that put Iraq and Afghanistan in chaos; left millions homeless and dead in Syria and getting our ambassador and three others killed in Benghazi, plus hurting our ally Israel, the only democracy in the Middle East.

Telling us we could keep our doctor and that insurance costs would go down when we couldn’t keep our doctor and insurance rates skyrocketed. Telling a woman in a townhall that her aging mother who had a good quality of life at 100 probably doesn’t warrant any treatment besides painkillers.

The loss of jobs, poor economic recovery and failure to get an average of 3.0 GDP during his presidency. Using jobs numbers to include babysitting and part time jobs to pad out the numbers while the labor participation rate kept hitting new bottoms.

Lavish family vacations all over the world that rang up an $85 million price tag.

Going on GloZell, the talk show host renowned for eating fruit loops out of her milk bath, and every other show he could stick his face on.

Worsening race relations by saying that if he had a son he’d look like Treyvon. His beer summit with the Cambridge policeman. And then there’s the staggering jump in police assassinations during his years that he shrugged off because he didn’t care.

Michelle telling us what to eat and how to exercise as she wolfed down pies and ice cream. Her exercise romp from the Blue Room and those horrid big arms she likes to show off in ugly sleeveless floral dresses.

Let’s not forget her terrible school lunches that caused kids all over the country to dump their trays and demand something edible.

The energy policy that amounted to strangling our resources while urging us to solve it all by getting our tires properly inflated.

Letting terrorists in the country and Gitmo terrorists out of prison.

Stereotyping Americans as “bitter clingers” to their guns and religion.

Interfering in British elections by urging Britons not to vote for Brexit, then undermining Netanyahu in the Israeli elections and sending experts to help propel Justin Trudeau to victory in Canada. Then pointing the finger at Russia for Hillary’s failure.

There are plenty of others that could go on for pages.

Only the fake world of Hollywood could pretend to this degree that this fake president had any good impact on history.

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