Crying Wolf

Yesterday I was listening to Ben Ferguson on the radio. He spoke of a new release of information on CNN that said the intel community had proof that Russia was trying to blackmail Trump. Ferguson alluded to tapes of Trump in a Russian hotel room with prostitutes.

CNN must have felt like a dog who just caught a squirrel. They had as their sources the intel community, Buzzfeed and it comes out now, Senator John McCain.


If you spent even 60 seconds thinking about it, you’d wonder why this didn’t come out during the campaigns. Turns out it did – from opposition research by the Dems and Never Trump Republicans. But even Hillary could not find enough evidence to use it.

That’s because there isn’t any. I don’t think Donald Trump is a saint, but do I think he would hire prostitutes to pee on a bed as retaliation on the Obamas? No. This is something Democrats would do, but a businessman with a full plate of deals, a successful career and a beautiful wife and family would not have the time or inclination to waste on such pettiness.

It’s like the allegations pushed by lawyer Gloria Allred that Trump raped a girl, woman, monkey, whatever. They didn’t come to fruition because there wasn’t anything there.

The reports were extra sleazy, too, in using the name Michael Cohen, a Trump lawyer, in the details. He didn’t even go out of the country as the alleged, nor was it even the correct Cohen as Trump explained at his press conference.

The media is salivating at the thought of getting Trump and getting him thrown out of office. It will be their attempt every day from now until the next election(s). They are like Wyle E. Coyote. It will just backfire on them. They’ll never catch the Road Runner.

By coming up with these absurd allegations the media is not only inoculating Trump from any future scandals, but also digging their own graves. Trump brazenly called CNN “fake news” today. Who could argue with it? So who wants to be next? The WaPo is halfway there. They’ve already had to retract stories. The old gray lady NYT thinks she can be more subtle in catching a fox. Doubt it. Their credibility has declined almost daily.

As for the intel community, they, too, think they have the upper hand. Maybe. A good cleansing by CIA pick Mike Pompeo can right that ship.

We citizens will increasingly ignore all the shouts from the media. They’ve cried wolf too many times.

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