A Suggestive Comment

A neighbor on Nextdoor wrote about a recent experience he had. He was driving east on Union and spotted a police car. He slowed down, as did everyone else, except one driver. She got mad and rode his bumper, flashed lights and made a rude gesture.
As luck would have it, they both stopped at a traffic light and as the day was warm, both had their windows down. She took the opportunity to vent her anger at him for slowing down. He explained that the speed on Union is 35 and he didn’t want to speed in front of a police car.

Rational, of course.

But not the way people think today. The woman told him that was just a “suggested” speed limit and gunned it.

It’s the way of our culture now. There are no rules, just suggestions. There are no punishments; most of them are just mean. Killing a cop isn’t a big deal. It’s just an instinctive reaction built on years of anger. So we should excuse it.

A priest once told me that everyone who gets angry thinks he or she is right and justified. You see that everywhere today.

Buzzfeed didn’t have facts on any Trump romp, but rationalize that he probably would do it so it’s OK to slander him. CNN apparently thinks that pushing this unsourced information is OK because things suggest that he might have done it.

It’s OK for Meryl Streep and her buddies to criticize Trump before he’s even been president or enacted anything because it is suggested that he might do something they don’t like.

It’s a world gone mad, but increasingly familiar.

Until people start believing what is true and rejecting what is not, we can’t make people or the country just, prosperous and safe for all.

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