When You Feel Disheartened

As the inauguration accelerates, so does the media’s ire. They would like to convince Americans that everyone is against Trump. They pound it louder every day.

Just remember this:

Some words of wisdom from the conservative treehouse blog:

The biggest problem the Democrats have right now is the very real risk that President Trump is simply going to execute a plan, and actually Make America Great. This is what they fear more than any other factor.

President Trump is poised to show the entire nation just how foolishly constructed all of the failed policies of the last several decades have been. A simple strategy to revitalize the nation will leave generations of Democrats with nothing except naked rainbow warriors chanting about equality in potty use, worshiping sustainable algae cakes and trying to convince a generation that picking parasites off each other is better than exceptionalism.

The pride within the Make America Great Again program is antithetical to the interests of the hypocrites who champion ridicule of America.

I might add what Abraham Lincoln said about General U S Grant: “I like this man… he FIGHTS.”

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