A New Day

It begins today. We will have a new president. After a year and a half of election battles; of strife and constant attacks from all sides, Donald Trump has prevailed. As citizens and Republicans it has been a year and a half of media bashing, negativity and angst.

So today is a day to rejoice in victory. Don’t let all the media people spoil the enjoyment.

In Midtown, our Nextdoor page, featured a question from a resident that was either naive or sarcastic. She asked “Any activities in Memphis on Friday (Inauguration Day)?”
She got a lot of answers. Here’s a sample:

“Other than weeping and gnashing of teeth?”

“I personally am going to sit back with a case of beer and take a sip every time Trump says the word weak, smart, tough, and of course YUGE. Not sure if I will be able to get out of bed on Saturday. I wonder if any bars are hosting an event like this…would be pretty funny…better Uber to that event though…”

Some suggested activism as a remedy:

“…. things don’t ever change if people don’t take the time to protest injustice if they think they see it. And that does not ever preclude anyone from ALSO being a volunteer or donating to worthy causes. Rather, I daresay that MOST people who care enough to take the time to protest are ALSO the ones who are already donating their time and money and putting those things where their mouth is. All of the folks I know protesting are, at least.”
“But otherwise I’ll be taping my feet, wrapping my ankles and hoping to God they can survive that looong downtown walk!!😜 I may need to bring a pony cart!”

“I’ll be spending my time Saturday exercising my constitutional first amendment right. No one can take that away from me, for now anyway. God bless America and the Constitution. I’ll give to MIFA in addition to, not instead of protesting.”
Some threatened the Hollywood departure solution:

“…and as for me, I’ll be dusting off my passport. You know, just in case…”

Others sarcastically took aim at Nextdoor’s policy of no politics. Yes, it only applies to Republicans.

“Wait! This is getting suspiciously close to political talk, and we all know we can’t do that on ND. Shame, shame, we are soon in for it, bigly!”

For others, a drink and fun:

“For those of you that are feeling the sadness, anger, fear, and frustration with what’s going on in our country right now; we invite you to join us this Friday evening for a Jazz Funeral.

If you’re a musician, bring an instrument and join us. Otherwise, bring your creative self and help us mourn and celebrate all at once – because as long as we stand together there is hope!”

Then there is your ignoring it completely answer:

“I shall be working and avoid watching it like the plague. So unlike 8 years ago when my boss closed our business so that everyone could watch the amazing event happening (BTW my boss had not voted for Obama but believed that it was important for us all to see history! ). It’s very interesting to me that my leanings as well as that boss’s have completely shifted to the blue party forever in those 8 years.”

“On Friday around 5:00pm I will be leading the Equality For All Homo-Sapiens march from my office to a local watering hole in celebration and acknowledgement of the achievements of Homo-Sapiens.”

Only of 44 was positive:
“I’m going to sit at home and watch happily because it’s not Hillary!”

I don’t remember any sympathy for conservatives when Obama won in 2008 and 2012.

Midtown may be in the dumps, but some of us won’t be. Open the champagne and enjoy!

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