In the Crosshairs

While we all worry that President Trump (it has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?) will be viciously attacked by the left, he is supremely equipped to defend himself.

There is someone else to worry about, though.

Predators go for the most defenseless, youngest member of the pack to hunt down. In the Trump family, that is Barron Trump.

Liberal predators are no different. They started against him quickly after the election victory. Rosie O’Donnell suggested in November that Barron was autistic. She later apologized for the tweet, but it encouraged others.

Now liberals are saying he’s a potential serial killer. Look at these:

And this from a Saturday Night Live writer:

No wonder Melania Trump has taken on cyberbullying as one of her issues as First Lady.

Yesterday as he got out of the limo to walk down the parade route with his parents, he seemed vulnerable. I hope they will never let their guard down around him.

What better way to punish the Trumps than hurting their young son? I pray it never happens.

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