Inauguration Crowd Disputed

Remember how the liberal media (sorry I repeated myself) failed to show the crowd sizes at Trump rallies? Time after time the candidate would ask the network cameras to pan the crowd, but they never would. Stories about rallies omitted the huge turnouts because they didn’t want others to think Trump had support.

Now they want payback. They are saying that the inauguration crowds were much diminished from Obama’s two times and that, by contrast, the silly women’s marches were three times larger and worldwide.

The Trump people are not going to let that one go. Good for them!

The New York Times ran this headline: “With False Claims, Trump Attacks Media on Turnout and Intelligence Claims.” The story says,

President Trump used his first full day in office on Saturday to unleash a remarkably bitter attack on the news media, falsely accusing journalists of both inventing a rift between him and intelligence agencies and deliberately understating the size of his inauguration crowd…
He also called journalists “among the most dishonest human beings on earth,” and he said that up to 1.5 million people had attended his inauguration, a claim that photographs disproved.

Later, at the White House, he dispatched Sean Spicer, the press secretary, to the briefing room in the West Wing, where Mr. Spicer scolded reporters and made a series of false statements.

He said news organizations had deliberately misstated the size of the crowd at Mr. Trump’s inauguration on Friday in an attempt to sow divisions at a time when Mr. Trump was trying to unify the country, warning that the new administration would hold them to account…
Mr. Trump also took issue with news reports about the number of people who attended his inauguration, complaining that the news media used photographs of “an empty field” to make it seem as if his inauguration did not draw many people.

“We caught them in a beauty,” Mr. Trump said of the news media, “and I think they’re going to pay a big price.”

Mr. Spicer said that Mr. Trump had drawn “the largest audience to ever witness an inauguration,” a statement that photographs clearly show to be false. Mr. Spicer said photographs of the inaugural ceremonies were deliberately framed “to minimize the enormous support that had gathered on the National Mall,” although he provided no proof of either assertion.

The Conservative Treehouse replies:

It’s Washington DC. Political shenanigans should always be anticipated – it is just how DC rolls. Slow-walking TSA screenings under the auspices of “security”, obstruction, annoyance, intentional delays and all manner of historic DC employee behavior is the norm – not the exception. Again, reference the statistical political ideology.

Seriously, have we forgotten the spiteful DC park closings during the “sequester” budget debate when DC authorities closed open space –including war memorials on “Memorial Day weekend- because they wanted to create the optic of impact from budget cuts. To wit, they put barricades around the National Mall, and transmitted warnings to kids in school about the zoo animals no longer being fed. Remember all that nonsense?

The behavior of federal employees in DC is nothing if not predictable. President Donald Trump is an existential threat to their interests; and by extension anyone who supports Donald Trump is antithetical to their interests. That is the correct background for the “optics” of crowd size.

Here’s a link to a gigapixel where you can see for yourself:

and here is more:

People who had been to the inauguration had interesting things to say about this.

“Talking Heads won’t be short-circuited. They will continue to show the photo taken HOURS before the Inauguration started. I saw those, and then saw the ones during the Inauguration, when the white tarps were covered by people. Media also showed empty stands along the parade route, hours before the parade, and no photos when the stands were all full of crowds. They have ZERO interest in doing anything but making Trump look bad. Bret Baier and Hume were begging their panel to skewer Trump and Sean Spicer today. SCUM!”

“We were moved around to the North slope bowl. Taken from he Northeast. We were completely isolated from the main crowd, visually. It was crazy. We almost didn’t get into there. And then stuck – not allowed out of the caged area.”

“There were no TV cameras, even shoulder models, which I found odd. Only people with handheld cameras. Most not even press, IMO.”

“More inauguration tricks. Huge Washington Monument crowd hidden behind buildings and trees, over a hill, can’t see even with high CNN cam.”

“One of the tricks they used to try to make the crowd look smaller than what it was. They used it to cut off the last two sections of the mall- then they kept the ‘overflow crowd’ (who would have normally been in those two sections) over by the Washington Monument, behind the tent, where they could not be seen in the media camera shots.”
Then someone offered this:

Who to believe? The people who don’t want to drain the swamp or those with an interest in keeping it swampy? You can bet that the former weren’t paid for by Soros or the Democrats as were many at the ridiculous women’s marches Saturday.

Keep fighting Trump people!

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