D’Souza’s Film a Classic

I finally watched Dinesh D’Souza’s “Hillary’s America” last night. It wasn’t in Memphis for long and I missed it here, perhaps also not wanting to have a nightmare before the election.

Watching it after the election, though, was not irrelevant. The secondary title is “The secret history of the Democratic party” and a lot of it is devoted to that. D’Souza has given us a pithy bit of talking points for whenever antagonists start spewing the “racist, homophobe, etc.” invectives against us.

D’Souza begins with a frank admission of his own incarceration for, as he puts it, donating too much money to a friend. That friend, Republican Wendy Long, was running for the Senate. He uses real footage of the judge sentencing him, then his admission into a jail in California. He is put in with murderers, rapists, thieves and con men. It is in talking with them that he gets the jumping off point for the theme of the movie, that the Democrat Party has been one long con game.

The film goes after them unapologetically and undeniably, starting with Andrew Jackson, then going on to the civil war, reconstruction era, Woodrow Wilson, the Civil Rights Act, Saul Alinsky and both Clintons. The film builds a strong case against them, their con and their hypocrisy.

The part about Alinsky, Hillary’s mentor and Obama’s, too, was particularly interesting. Alinsky conned everyone. He even worked out a scheme to get free meals at a diner by getting a bill for coffee, then ordering a full meal and presenting the coffee bill. So much for caring about the ordinary guy.

Democrat leader after Democrat leader uses the con to get votes with the motive of getting money, too. The penultimate con would happen with Hillary Clinton, as she would take over and confiscate much of our earnings.

What an evil God delivered us from in November’s election! We have a big fight ahead, but at least we have a leader who will get in the fray.

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