What They Fear

Post election we’ve been through the Jill Stein recounts, the Russian hacking accusations, the attempts to sway the Electoral College members, “golden shower gate” and fake news as attempts to delegitimize the Trump win.

They’ve tried every way they could to explain it. Few blame Hillary Clinton, although she has a lot of the blame for being a terrible candidate with more baggage than Kim Kardashian on an overseas trip. Few credit Trump with his ideas and energy.

But if Trump was an earthquake, the response was a tsunami. The inaugural protesters, the Women’s March, the celebrity vitriol, the media hysteria just keep on happening. Why?

It’s puzzling because for most of us what Trump’s doing doesn’t seem that outrageous. Most of it, like immigration, is merely enforcing laws that were made by Congress. Getting companies to come back and hire people here – how is that wrong? Completing a pipeline that has already been started is crazy? Hard to understand.

I do understand that the media hates that its attempt to sway voters failed. They can’t wrap their heads around their irrelevance. Their superior knowledge should have had the effect it did in the past, but this time didn’t. They are unhappy.

However, it’s deeper than that, I think. The elites can’t grasp their rejection. They thought they had succeeded in changing America to see things their way. On the coasts, in the network headquarters and other liberal enclaves it is inconceivable that Americans do want a country with borders. They do want jobs. They do want sovereignty. They have opinions. They don’t want terrorism. They don’t like a morality that lets anyone do whatever he or she wants. They don’t reject religion. They want pride in our nation.

It’s not the scenario the elites have been building for decades. They haven’t succeeded in owning our minds, emotions and way of life. Even though they say they’re more open minded than conservatives, they’re not. They only want things one way – theirs.

The craziness will continue. Call it working through the five stages of grief, but getting stuck. The rest of us will just have to go about our business, ignore them and ignore their media outlets.

It might be for four or eight years, but we will win.

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