Mayor, Take a Tip from Trump

Mayor Strickland on Sunday called President Trump’s immigration order “unwise.” He went even further. He said that the Memphis police department is “not in the business” of enforcing federal immigration policies.

Strickland pontificated, “While I understand the need to protect our nation, we need to be cautious that we maintain the fundamental principles our country was founded upon, which includes freedom of religion and respect for our fellow man.”

In other words, Memphis is a sanctuary city.

What does he mean that the police won’t enforce the law? Then, what is their role? By the way, one of the principles our country was founded upon was protecting the rights of its citizens, not someone else’s. And, the ban did not specify Muslims, with plenty of Muslim countries still able to let their citizens come in here. So much for the freedom of religion argument.

A lot of Memphians are asking what the mayor is doing to respect the rights of fellow Memphians? Like, say, the right to walk in their city, visit restaurants and stores without getting attacked. According to Nextdoor, someone was carjacked on Madison by Molly’s restaurant last week, another was beaten and robbed in Overton Square and someone was just robbed at Cafe 1912. That’s just Midtown. The nightly news has turned into a crime report. It’s everywhere and increasingly violent.

Strickland promised to do something about crime. He hasn’t met that promise yet. Crimes and murders are up in our city. He’s had more than a year in charge and nothing happens. He allowed travelers on the bridge to be stopped by Black Lives Matter. What about their rights? No one got arrested that night. What about the law?

A letter writer to the CA correctly said, referring to Strickland’s remarks on Trump, that he “should be more concerned about the citizens of Memphis. Crime is out of control. Take care of the taxpaying people of this city before you bring in outsiders. Charity begins at home.”

A lot of crossover voters like myself cast a vote for Democrat Strickland in the hopes that he would do what he said. So far he hasn’t. In addition to crime being controlled, have we made any progress on lowering property taxes? Seen businesses explode? Got a handle on our schools?

Trump’s been in office less than two weeks. Already he’s been working on getting rid of regulations, beefing up Homeland security, tackling Obamacare and delivering a conservative candidate to the Supreme Court. Yet Mayor Strickland likes to criticize Trump.

Maybe Strickland hopes we’ll forget what he promised. I doubt it. Like career politicians he doesn’t see that people are angry and a lot smarter than he thinks. If he keeps this up, his chances of reelection are small.

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