The Youth Are Revolting

Well, not really. What’s revolting about them is there inability to revolt.

Don’t get me wrong. They are very good at protesting, rabble rousing, torching other peoples’ properties, making silly signs and hats.

But the strange thing about it is that they are not revolting against the status quo. They are revolting to keep it. They want the Obama world that is based on stale liberalism that stops their freedoms and uses economic policies that don’t work, haven’t worked and won’t work. Many of them are without jobs and have been for a long time. Their Bible is political correctness, even though it has been stifling creativity and independent thinking for years.

I thought about this when a friend, who is a teacher in a Memphis high school, told me about the suicide of one of the students last week. It was the third suicide in the past five or six years. Why would someone 15, 16 or 17 be so distraught as to do away with him/herself? In the America of the 60s, 70s and 80s this did not happen. What is it about our culture that incubates such thoughts?

The answer may lie in education and the cultural rot liberalism has brought. For one, no one knows what their roles are anymore. We’ve done away with gender, more or less. We’ve done away with the concept of a mother and father. We don’t encourage families. We only chase money. There is no pride in accomplishment when everybody gets a participation medal. There is no pride in country when it is continually torn down and branded racist.

There is no romance anymore. Hollywood has reduced us to our genitalia. Love? It’s sex with anyone. You often hear that all love is good, well maybe it isn’t when it is pedophilia or doing it for a temporary thrill.

Then there is the language. So much of it is expletives. You can’t listen to many cable shows without hearing a succession of beeps. The words are becoming meaningless anyhow because they’re overused. And how come women who objected to a word Trump used now take pleasure in proclaiming it?

Maybe youth don’t feel that they have a chance to succeed as their parents did. Good jobs have been scarce. When you have been educated well and don’t have a good one, what can you feel except failure and loss of self worth?

We’ve been knocking God, too. We don’t feel he’s real of there for us. So who do young people turn to when they are overwhelmed with problems and despair?

In short, we’ve cut off avenues for our young people to thrive.

So instead, they are fighting the new government to keep the old ways going. Why can’t they acknowledge that their way isn’t working and truly be revolutionary by embracing a new way of thinking?

Maybe we get there, maybe we don’t, but the riots at Berkeley show the depth of the change we need.

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