Cohen Rabble Rousing Again

I caught this on Channel 5’s news last night.

WMC Action News 5 – Memphis, Tennessee

This followed an email from him on Friday:

“On Saturday at 10 AM, I am hosting a town hall meeting at East High School. I look forward to discussing my work and legislation in Congress and hearing about the issues that matter most to you. I am expecting a large crowd, so I encourage everyone to arrive early. Doors will open at 9:30 AM. Parking will be available on site and attendees are asked to enter through the front door. I hope to see you there.”

They must have put the call out to every immigration lawyer in town, then urged their clients to show up.

Notice he conflates the Affordable Care Act with the immigration issue, scare mongers, then goes on to push the sorry tale of Russian “involvement” in our presidential election.

This is the worst kind of politicking.

But he didn’t just discredit himself there. He explained in his email/newsletter:

“I am disappointed Jeff Sessions was confirmed by the Senate as the next Attorney General on Wednesday. It is a sad day in American jurisprudence when a man who has not sought to advance voting rights, civil rights or women’s rights nor has sought to advocate for the Bill of Rights, except for the Second and Tenth Amendments, becomes Attorney General of the United States. Furthermore, his positions on criminal justice are repressive and outdated. I was proud to join my colleagues in a protest march from the House floor to the Senate floor during the debate of his nomination. To paraphrase Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter. You can watch a video clip of our march here.

If there is some kind of protest against Republicans, Steve Cohen is there. It was another futile effort on his part as the House has nothing to do with Attorney General confirmations. But he loves to show a part of his constituents that he is with them, even if there is no issue there.

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