Look Who’se Behind DeVos Protest

You don’t think any of these anti Trump, anti Education Secretary Betsy DeVos are organic, do you?

Hardly. We’re in for a battle unlike any we’ve had in this country before as certain groups who want to take him down and don’t care what it does to the country war with the factors that want America great again.

The gateway pundit had this interesting and somewhat ignored story about the DeVos event.

As reported previously today by TGP, Betsy DeVos was harassed and blocked by an Afghan refugee Bilal Ahmed, who was charged with assault.

It turns out that refugee is also a contributor with NPR. As we’ve mentioned last month, the Trump administration plans to slash funding for NPR, the publicly funded liberal news outlet.

As reported in Politico:

… He wrote last month for NPR in response to the executive order issued by President Donald Trump sharply curtailing travel from seven majority-Muslim nations. The article said he became a naturalized citizen in 2000 and earned a graduate degree from American University.

A police report obtained by POLITICO says that Askaryar, who entered his plea on Saturday in Superior Court in Washington, was given “several lawful orders” to move out of the way of a vehicle, and then pushed an individual identified as “V-1.”

Being given refugee status in this country is a privilege. It is appalling that someone who this privilege was extended to would turn around and display physical aggression toward our political officials, MUCH LESS attack a highly accomplished woman who is currently working to better the quality of education in the United States.

Protesting is a healthy activity within a democracy, but the left needs to learn what is appropriate protesting and what is aggression and violence.

These people need to be prosecuted to the max and NPR, along with PBS, needs to have funding cut off. Immediately.

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