Spreading Dissent in Midtown

Did you see the protest yesterday at Kroger on Union?

I didn’t. I read about it on Nextdoor. Someone noted that a few people were there with signs. On them was Sabra with a circle and line through it; in other words, the symbol against a company.

At first, people thought it had to do with the recent recall of the company’s hummus, some of which might have contained listeria. Then another mentioned Sabra was part of the Strauss group which provides financial support for the Israeli military.

One person wrote, “Sabra is a shitty company that pours money into not so nice things. I knew people were boycotting them a few years ago but I didn’t know it was still going on! I personally don’t buy them because I don’t like my money going to companies that support the Israeli military abusing human rights.”

That caused the monitor to shut down the conversation.

A little digging revealed more. There is a facebook page, “Memphis Voices for Palestine.” On it was this invitation: “Join Memphis Voices for Palestine as we educate Kroger as well as Memphis shoppers on the Sabra Hummus and Strauss Group Boycott. Kroger should remove this apartheid-supporting corporation’s products, and we trust this will happen once it is understood how destructive the Strauss Group has proven.” It asked people to go to Kroger on Union between 5 and 6 p.m. to protest.

This group has at the top of the invitation a graphic reading “Israel: practicing expulsion, occupation, apartheid, and cultural & cuisine appropriation since 1948.”

Cuisine appropriation. Didn’t know that was a crime. Are the French, or more appropriately the Belgians, going to protest our term French fry? Should the UN take up cuisine appropriation crimes?

Anyhow, this shows you what the protest is really about. The page says 459 people follow them. There is a video that rails against settlements and Netanyahu; another that says the Israelis told a Gaza heart patient to spy for them or die. Another entry says Israelis deny cancer treatment for Palestinians and many other negative things.

Since I didn’t see the protest I don’t know if it got any traction. I didn’t see any mention of it in today’s CA. Interesting, though, that they chose the Midtown store. Perhaps they think they could get more sympathy there.

We’re entering a time when everything is going to be contested and protested no matter what it is. Forces want anarchy and chaos to prevail. Obviously there are groups working towards this even here.

I, for one, have added Sabra hummus to my grocery list. At Kroger.

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