Media Miss

The media – as usual – has missed something once again about Trump and his movement.

When the Melbourne, Florida, rally was announced, the media immediately pounced and said that Trump was reverting to campaign mode again because he needed to have the adulation of his base after a bad week. They attributed it to failure on his part after the “chaos” of his administration and a press conference after which they deemed him unhinged and un American.

Now most of us on the right would say it’s always a good thing when a political leader gets out of Washington. That place is not just a swamp, it’s a cesspool. The media roosts there and that’s one of the reasons they were so astounded by the November 8 election. They are out of touch.

But I think there was more to this rally’s point then just reconnecting with the base.

I think it was a big “up yours” to the media. Trump was telling them their methods against him aren’t working. He can draw an enormous crowd in just two days. The people are with him and this was a demonstration of that.

The media has been desperately trying to undercut Trump and cut him off from the people. They want to show him as out of his depths as president and a bumbler. The people know he’s not. There’s a reason he has followers like Gene Huber, who waited in line 13 hours at the hangar to attend the rally. He got called up on stage by the president:

The Left is trying to say he’s a plant. Of course they do! Their rallies are planned and paid for and that’s all they understand, not the natural ebullience of true support.

The media thinks that way, too.

Perhaps they should reevaluate themselves. A recent Fox poll said 45% believe Trump, while 42% trust the media.

I’m surprised media approval is that high. It will probably continue to drop.

Yet they think he is losing by going after them.


It’s the media that is unhinged and in chaos after the election. Doesn’t look like they’ll right themselves about it either. They don’t want to.

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