Not the Right ‘People’

The People magazine issue that covers the clothes worn on the grammys omitted the most noticed dress of all.

Sure, they showed Carrie Underwood, Jennifer Lopez and Celine Dion in glittery gowns with plunging necklines and thigh high slits. They ooohed over risk takers like Rihanna wearing an odd two piece with poofy skirt and Lady Gaga whose outfit came without any snaps or zippers on the top to let fly her two big assets.

But, it was curious that Joy Vella’s big Make America Great Again dress with the Trump train wasn’t there. Hmm. I wonder why? It certainly got a lot of viewing and rocketed her album sales to the top of the charts.

People didn’t feel that was news enough for its readers, I suppose. They did think snide remarks by celebrities should pepper People. We did get treated to a big picture of Meryl Streep, highlighting her response “President Trump’s ‘overrated’ dis” and quoting her “Evil prospers when good men do nothing.” We all know who she was referring to, don’t we?

Then there is Ricky Gervais, known intellectual, saying this: “David Brent and Donald Trump are both idiot show-off narcissists. When did people start bragging about being a millionaire or forcing themselves on women? Can you imagine Lincoln getting into Twitter spats?”

Actually, yes I can. Lincoln didn’t take fools lightly and had his bouts with the press.

Then there is the preview of the Oscars hosted by Jimmy Kimmel. “How will you deal with politics?” he’s asked. Stop and consider that question. Why should there be any politics at a celebrity love fest preen a thon? Because they can. “A lot of it depends on what happens that week,” Kimmel replied. “There are one, sometimes three new, interesting stories coming out of the White House every day, it seems – so who knows what will be happening?”

Translation: Whatever my fake news masters want me to target, I’ll gladly do.

By the way, I’m still waiting for that Trump inauguration issue. You know the one, like Obama’s, where they have page after page showing the day, then the balls, gowns, profiles of Melania, Ivanka and the sons. Plus the lavish compliments on such a decisive victory.

I guess I’ll have to wait til 2020 for that one.

That is, if there is still a People magazine around. With luck, it won’t be.

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