Clintons Behind Latest AntiSemitism Push

Were you perplexed that out of the blue yesterday came this theme of anti Semitism on the rise? It seemed to have only vague stories behind it; no big event that sparked it.

I certainly believe that anti Semitism is on the rise, particularly in Europe and on college campuses. It’s a terrible thing. But why now? Even Hannity’s show last night discussed it, with Israeli diplomat Dore Gold on with Democrat Doug Schoen.

That last name reveals a lot. Schoen’s a Clintonite and a moderate and part of the topic discussed was the possible election of Rep. Keith Ellison to head the DNC. That election for party chairman will be held Saturday.

As the Conservative Treehouse notes, none of this is accidental.

Many people are noticing a rather familiar, albeit oddly timed, leftist “anti-Semitism” narrative being pushed into the media broadcasts over the past 36 hours. Yes, it seems to have come out of nowhere. Why? No one is really understanding what’s going on.

Understandably, the right side of the political continuum are referencing the media push from the position of their own camp; that makes them defensive. However, the actual motive of the professional corporate media to push this meme has nothing to do with President Trump or republicans – it’s an internal maneuver and transparently Clintonian.

Team Clinton, meaning the professionally political elements of the Democrat machinery, are pushing the anti-Semitism storylines because the party is in the final stages of framing their argument to ensure their preferred DNC head, Tom Perez, wins as party chair.

The Democratic National Committee votes this week for its next leader. The winner of the DNC chair race will very likely reflect whether the committee’s voting members think it prudent to align their party with the Hillary Clinton-Barack Obama camp, the Bernie Sanders camp — or neither.

Tom Perez endorsements: former Vice President Joe Biden, former Attorney General Eric Holder, former Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack and former Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius.

Keith Ellison endorsements: Sen. Bernie Sanders; Sen. Elizabeth Warren; Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer; Rep. John Lewis; New Hampshire Democratic Party Chairman Raymond Buckley

Pushing odd, vague, disingenuous and sparsely connected stories about anti-Semitic news, is the way Team Clinton undermine Perez’s opponent, Keith Ellison.

Representative Ellison, a Muslim, carries a strong anti-Semitic liability from his past associations and past engagements speaking negatively about Jewish people.

Team Clinton are exponentially more shrewd than most give them credit for. Even Machiavelli couldn’t keep up with their schemes. With the DNC election coming up, the professionally Democrat know how to plant the most toxic seeds at just the right moment. This is their play toward that end result, nothing more.

There you have the ah hah moment.

The Clintons will never be out of the game until the day they die. They’ve played the game for 70 years and by now it’s instinctive in them to play the chess game and protect their interests.

I hope that Ellison wins because it shows the true depth of prejudice, hypocrisy and mendacity that is today’s Democrat party.

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