Can You Hear the (Canadian) People Sing?

That line from Les Miserables, which became an anthem for les deplorables, might be at work in Canada now.

For the first time, a poll revealed that only 43% in Canada trust their government. It had never dipped below 50% before now. Justin Trudeau has played a role in this development.

After a story detailing this drop, there were many comments from Canadians. I found them insightful, especially regarding our own election methods and Electoral College requirement. Here are some samples:

“I am a Canadian. Many people on the west coast are infuriated with Trudeau. I don’t know if we have a better chance than France. It sure doesn’t seem like it. We do not have an electoral college which means that Ontario and Quebec decide our elections.

Ontario and Quebec have more ‘seats’ than all 4 of the western provinces together. The Muslim population in Ontario and Quebec is double that of western Canada . Trudeau has taken in 25,000 refugees in 2 months and most of these refugees were settled in Ontario and Quebec. More liberal voters!

Look at our cabinet: Maryam Monsef – Status of women / She lied and said she was from Iran when she is actually from Iraq. Lying should have disqualified her but not with this government.

She also claims that she is fascinated with sharia law.

Ahmed Hussen – Somalian – in charge of immigration

Harjit Sajjan – born in India – Minister of Defence”


“You forgot Muslim Brotherhood Omar Alghabra, Advisor Foreign Affairs. The place is crawling with Islamists.
This past week alone, Canadians had the Islamophobia motion, the establishment of sanctuary cities (Montreal being the first confirmed), and hundreds of Muslim illegals entering Canada through Manitoba and Quebec through open fields while Trudeau refuses to assist border officials.
I agree with you: the Liberals are working towards the next election.”

Another replied:

“Another way the liberals are increasing the vote:

The liberal platform proposed to double the budget for family class immigration in order to reduce processing times as well as double the application cap for the Parent and Grandparent Program, from 5000 to 10000. He also promised to restore the maximum age for dependents to twenty two, instead of under nineteen.

Amended Citizenship Act: Syrian refugees will be eligible to vote in the next federal elections.

25,000 more liberals in addition to the fast -tracking of the Parent and Grandparent program.”

“The Conservative Party accused the government of unreasonably expediting the resettlement process while compromising the security vetting and creating huge challenges for a proper integration of the the Syrian refugees who came to Canada with no sufficient knowledge of English or French or working skills compatible to Canada. Some pundits argued that the real purpose of Justin Trudeau’s refugees rush is to garner new Muslim votes in the next federal elections.””

“There is even talk of the mayor of Montreal declaring that city to be a sanctuary city for any and all refugees.
I guess the next big terrorist attack will involve the Montreal subway system.”

“There are 10 Muslim ministers from Ontario alone. Ontario and Quebec decide the election. I am interested in a movement to separate western Canada ( Man. Sask, Alta. and BC)from eastern Canada. We need a strong leader to pull this off. I wonder if Harper would step up to the plate. I believe people would follow him.

We in Ontario are fed up too. Pretty soon it will be against federal law to say anything against Islam. In our province electricity is the most expensive in North America. At the local level, in Ottawa, there will soon be no more English schools except for immigrants. Three levels of liberals. We’re racist because we don’t enjoy paying higher and higher taxes for the liberal buddy system. It time for us to revolt.

We need a rebellion in Ontario. We in western Canada cannot do this alone – we don’t have enough seats. Ontario and Quebec control the election. By the time another election rolls around, it may be too late. Trudeau will have forever changed our country and I believe destroyed it.

We were approximately 2 years away from a balanced budget. Trudeau borrowed 50 billion dollars. He gave most of that money away. On BNN today they said that it will be 2050 before we will have a balanced budget. We do not have the population to service that kind of debt and the refugees will be on social assistance for many years.

Ontario fight!!!!”

And finally:

“The Conservative Treehouse blog has been a godsend to many of us in northern Canada. We have been reading this site ever since President Trump announced his candidacy. All through your election process our group met once a week and prayed and cheered for the American people. Our deepest gratitude to Sundance and the people who post here.

It was and is our belief that he was/is the only who could save your country and by his strong example, ours. He amazed us throughout the process with his strength. He did not back down!

We were also amazed that someone who had everything, a great family along with great wealth was willing to take the kind of abuse he took. Yes, he did take a great many arrows for the American people but we also felt that he was taking them for us in Canada.

Our thoughts and prayers continue to go to the American people. Please remember us in yours.

We are afraid of losing our country. My previous post explains how difficult it will be to beat Trudeau.”

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