Did You Hear About This?

Barack and book
Barack Obama smiles as a book soars past him. (Source: Washington Post)

When President Obama visited Philadelphia Sunday for a Democrat rally, someone threw a book at him. It got very little scrutiny, which is odd.

Consider how much time the media spent on Tariq and Michaela Salahi, the White House party crashers in November 2009. It was a cause celebre for weeks with people wondering how it happened and even requiring them to appear in Congress for an investigation. Liberals beat their breasts on how dangerous this was for our president and that people were derelict in their protective duty.

And when President Bush ducked a shoe thrown at him in Iraq, the media also went into a frenzy. This time they loved it. They could say how much the rest of the world despised Bush and his crazy freedom policies. They practically applauded the perpetrator, ranting and raving about his rights and freedom to express himself.

But when the book was thrown at Barack Obama, very little was reported on it. In fact, Britain’s Daily Mail had more coverage than American newspapers. The networks didn’t do much either; Ann Compton of ABC News dismissed the incident as the action of an “overexuberant supporter.”

William Jacobson at Legal Insurrection attributed this to disappointment on reporters’ parts.

They would have preferred that it “was a Bible thrown by a Glenn Beck worshiping Tea Party activist who belongs to a militia and dresses up as a Confederate soldier on weekends in fields near his double wide trailer which is heated by burning Korans, where his teenage wife home schools their uninsured barefoot kids about creationism…”

The truth is quite different.

The book thrower was Sajid Ali Khan and the tome was his own “How to Become Wise.” He wrote on his blog that the day was one of “daring courage and lunacy.” Khan calls himself a wisdom coach and wanted to share his tips with Obama.

“The President is extremely intelligent and is always looking for new ideas so I could see that he took several good looks at the book,” he wrote.

Khan’s idea of “wisdom,” which he calls “a fragrance of the brain,” has some odd takes. He questions “why the man’s sperm is tiny while the woman’s egg is huge” and “why horniness is a 24/7 epidemic that must be stopped.”

All quite main stream, eh?

Could it be that the media didn’t want to call attention to his Middle Eastern sounding name?

Or, that they ignored it because maybe this is your typical Obama voter?

What the press doesn’t report is sometimes much more important and insightful than what they do report.

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