Meet the New Boss…

And yes, he’s the same as the old boss.

I’m talking about the new DNC Chairman Thomas Perez. He’s a Clinton/Obama person just like Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Donna Brazile are.

He’s a fan of big money from people like George Soros and the other SJW corporation/lobbyists moneypockets. He was not the choice of the Bernie Sanders wing of the Democrat party, and they erupted on twitter after his election. They started a #DemExit on it. Many complained about rigging of the election, which, I think, is a valid concern.

For instance, after the first ballot, Perez had 213.5 votes (Democrats abroad and in territories get half a vote) to Ellison’s 200. The winning threshold is 214.5. The Hill covered it and said the tension in the room was off the charts and the room was stunned. (Perhaps that Ellison was behind?) Then Perez managed to get some more votes to win 235 to 200.

Evidently calls were made and favors were called in to assure a Perez victory.

By the way, KKK former leader David Duke backed Ellison.

Michelle Malkin had Perez’s number in 2013:

Even though Perez made Ellison his second in command, one wonders how that will work. It’s kind of like the Miss Congeniality award. Will he get a title and not much else? Won’t that irk his supporters more?

We’ll see.
After Perez said, “They’re going to study this era in American history. Democrats will lead resistance,” Malkin tweeted: “If new #DNCChair Tom Perez jabber-shouts & flappy-flails like this for the next 4 years, Trump 2020 is a shoo-in.”

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