And the Winner Is: Fake News

My wish that a flaming meteor would hit the Dolby Theatre just as the 89th annual Academy Awards show got underway with host Jimmy Kimmel didn’t happen.

But what did happen was maybe better and funnier. You know God has a sense of humor when the entire night of Trump bashing was eclipsed by Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway announcing the wrong movie for best picture. Today it dominates the news as it dominated Twitter and other websites last night.

It couldn’t happen to more worthy people. The same people who were mistaken about the election outcome were wrong again. And the movies involved were appropriate, too. Once again, the Left slighted blacks. The winning picture, Moonlight, dealt with one black man’s experiences. The same SJWs (social justice warriors) who call all Republicans racists, exposed themselves in their discrimination. They assumed La La Land, evidently about themselves, was tops. It wasn’t.

The Academy members who probably wanted to redeem themselves for past ignoring of black actors, actresses and movies instead did the opposite. It was a blacklash on them.

I also liked how Warren Beatty immediately covered himself by saying he saw that the envelope said Emma Stone for La La Land, but Dunaway misspoke. Talk about throwing shade! Where did she go by the way? After the flub she sort of disappeared from the stage. Did a trap door open up and swallow her?

The event couldn’t encapsulate better the whole fake news issue. Once again the people in charge – the experts – were wrong. What they said was a lie and this time for all to see.

And they did it to themselves. All President Trump has done is to lift the carpet for us to see the vermin and rats crawling underneath it. He must laugh himself silly.

How long til they blame the Russians? Isn’t Pricewaterhouse, the firm that handles the envelopes, a Putin backed entity? Did Putin want to embarrass them?

Can we call for a congressional investigation?

Looks rigged to me.

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