Photo Set Up?

Advisor to the president Kellyanne Conway is getting skewered for this picture:

The Daily Mail ran it with this headline: “Make yourself at home, Kellyanne! White House adviser is taken to task after she makes herself comfortable on the Oval Office couch while wearing her heels as Trump hosts leaders of black colleges”

Liberal pearl clutchers are aghast! How dare she! Twitter has been full of comments that it was disrespectful.
One was quoted in the Daily Mail, “Even so-called Kellyanne fans were dismayed by the lack of respect shown by the President’s counselor: ‘I’m a Kellyanne fan, but that is appalling. My mother never let us put our feet on the furniture! She sits in a desk chair with both feet & shoes bundled up under her in full view of the public as she scrolls through her phone.’

We don’t know if the person really is a Kellyanne fan now do we? Lefties love to go trolling against Trump.

But say she truly is a fan. I think many are missing the point. I think it could be intentional that she posed like that.

Why? How often does anything Republicans do with black leaders get attention? Um, hardly ever. The media likes to brush that under the sofa. Maybe Ms. Conway and the other very smart people in the Trump team thought that this was a good way to call attention to this meeting.

Do you think it would have been splashed across the internet any other way?

It’s harmless, really, but it makes the point that President Trump is not going to ignore the concerns of black people.

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