It Was Quite a Speech

Deep in the bowels (and I do mean bowels) of Leftism Inc. and Soros Propaganda Unlimited there must have been audible sighs and teeth gnashing at President Trump’s speech last night. It was powerful. It was presidential. It was authentic. It was irrefutable.

I got a whiff of this panic while briefly watching Juan Williams on Fox News afterwards. He looked shell shocked. He sputtered, got his thoughts twisted and flopped like a goldfish that jumped out of the bowl. He couldn’t come back with a coherent argument against Trump’s speech. The talking points he was given earlier must not have applied and he was forced to wing it himself without the props of the Left and Soros machine.

It was sadly pathetic.

But so was the Democrat reaction in the audience. First, what gives with the white clothes some of the women wore? Was it surrender garb? KKK linked? Mourning the death of the Democrat Party? It was explained that it was to reflect the struggle of the suffragettes, but that is odd. As an image it’s not one that readily comes to mind. Are women in danger of losing the vote? No one told me.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi’s expression was haggard. She suddenly looked very old and worn out. I don’t think she’s up for the battle anymore. In fact, none of the Democrat women looked good. They looked like a bunch of prudish old spinsters tisk tisking at the man at the podium.

We were spared seeing Justice Ruth Ginsberg. Her sourpuss was not missed and she probably would have nodded off anyhow.

Tim Kaine looked nauseated. Really, someone should have prescribed a med or two for him. Rep. John Lewis managed to attend, even though it was earlier reported that he would not. Good for him.

The Left side of the aisle refused to get up when President Trump spoke out against drugs, crime and other topics we are all against. It looked petulant. They actually booed and hissed when he mentioned ICE and the deportation of felons who had killed Americans. Trump said the government had failed these victims, but evidently the Dems don’t agree.

When the president mentioned the Navy SEAL who recently lost his life on a mission, and whose dad has refused to meet with him, the applause for the SEAL’s widow consumed several minutes. It really was a heartfelt and unforgettable moment and tribute to him.

All the while, you could almost see Obama’s legacy swirling and swirling the drain.

On the all important Obamacare, Trump outlined five things. First, there would be a stable transition and access to coverage for those in it presently. Second, he would bring tax credits and expanded health savings accounts, and you would have the plan you want and not one forced upon you. Third, governors would get Medicaid help so that no one is left out. Then there would be legal reforms for malpractice and a reduction in the cost of drugs. Finally, Americans would get the freedom to purchase insurance across state lines.

Who could argue with that?

Watching it I couldn’t imagine any of the other Republican candidates standing there and giving such a powerful speech. Ted Cruz was interviewed after it and confirmed my thoughts. He immediately preened and went into politi speak. That is, how he had been to the border and seen the agents, etc.; all about him and showcasing his actions rather than about issues.

Rubio? When I saw him in the audience, he was sour, too. Still smarting from the “little” remarks and not big enough to move on.

Kasich? I think he’d have gone preachy.

None of them was there because none could be commanding enough and public relations savvy enough to know what to say and how to say it.

Even post speech commentators grudgingly admitted it was Trump’s best speech and that it cemented him as president in the eyes of Americans. I was happy to be spared the “lofty,” “soaring” empty phrases that were the hallmark of the previous president. Give me facts, logic and concrete steps any day.

Anyone who missed it should go seek it out. Ann Coulter tweeted that it was the best speech she’s ever heard come out of Washington.

She is right.

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