Meet the NSA Data Center

Have you heard of Bumblehive? Probably not. But it has heard of you.

Bumblehive is the code name for the Utah Data Center, the IC CNCI or Intelligence Community Comprehensive National Cyber security Initiative. In their websites words, the “NSA is the executive agent for the office of the director of National Intelligence (in the Obama years James Clapper) and is the lead agency at the center.” In other words, the place where the National Security Administration keeps all the phone calls, email and other information that it has surveilled. It has everything. Here’s a picture:

Although they say they do not surveil Americans, then why do they need so big a headquarters. Here’s more. I find it interesting considering they were discussing this in 2013.

In 2013, a blog called had some serious comments about this:

Have we been misled into directly providing the NSA with every aspect of our personal lives? Was the ground work laid in 2004 to provide specific vehicles for the use of the general public many of which can be had for free or at a nominal cost to the subscribers?

Do we really believe the MSM claims that the NSA is monitoring each and every computer in the world and collecting data from over 5 billion individual sources? Or is this just another point of misdirection so we don’t look at the possibility that we are actually uploading our information unknowingly and voluntarily directly to an NSA facility?

What do we know:

1.The NSA data center was conceptualized in 2004 under the code name “Bumblehive”
2.The NSA data center construction broke ground on January 7th of 2011 in Bluffdale, Utah. This 1.5 million sq. foot, unprecedented, ridiculously expensive $2 billion government project is right on schedule for it’s official opening in September 2013.
3.It is said that this data center is capable of storing a yottabyte of data. A yottabyte is a septillion bytes – a number so large that no one has yet coined a term for the next higher magnitude. Prior to the yottabyte, the largest unit of measure for data was an exabyte…one million exabytes equals one yottabyte. Eric Schmidt, the former CEO of Google estimated that the total of all human knowledge created from the dawn of man up to the present, if digitized would total 5 exabytes, yet the NSA is currently planning a second data center in Fort Meade, Maryland projected to be 2/3s the size of the data center in Utah at a cost to the taxpayers of approximately $1 billion – we are paying for our own enslavement and cyber prison facilities.

What else do we know:

​Facebook a free service for people to upload every aspect of their waking life was founded in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg– the same year the NSA data center, project Bumblehive was conceived.

In 2009, cloud based computing reached a turning point whereby the trend turned from on site/off site data backup and storage to cloud based technology. Coincidentally, in 2009 Windows launched Azure – a Windows based cloud platform.

For the past three years, the phenomenal push for on line storage, back ups and distributed applications has been on the rise…you can’t listen to the radio without hearing a commercial every 15 minutes for these services.

Are you seeing a correlation here? The NSA project Bumblehive was conceived in 2004. ALL of
these online cloud services were founded between 2004 and 2011…..coincidence? Or, was this a pre
planned groundwork laid out to put in place systems to have you voluntarily and unknowingly upload
all of your personal, private information to the NSA?

Explains a lot doesn’t it? Does anyone doubt that Trump was on their radar?

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