Smart Meters Spying on Us?

Among the Wikileaks revelations, some of the most shocking concerned how our own devices – TVs, Skype, iphones, gaming consoles and smart phones – can monitor us. They can be turned on us to record what we are saying and kept in records.

Not only that, but we found out that the CIA has tools to control remotely chips in cars, trucks, planes, medical devices and hospital technology. In other words, they have the potential to assassinate people via these things.

Don’t forget about smart meters. MLGW assured us they could not be used to spy on us, deried doubters and laughed about their concerns – typical Alinsky tactic. From Wikileaks it looks like the potential is there.

At the least, Memphian Donna Bohannon, who has been following this smart meter problem very closely, writes that they have been causing a customers at an MLGW Board of Commissioners meeting feel they have been put in danger by them and that they have ruined appliances. Here’s a video of their complaints:

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