Odd Incident Supports Spying Story

Last summer I was having lunch with a friend when she began to describe something odd that had recently happened to her.

She and a friend or relative were at her home and she brought up the idea of getting a lift chair that helps people who are older get out of one more easily by tilting the seat. You’ve probably seen them advertised. They only mentioned it in passing and not really out of any interest in getting one.

Shortly after that when she went to her computer, she started seeing ads for these chairs pop up on her screen. She thought that was very odd, as she had never googled or searched for one on her computer. It didn’t happen just once, but repeatedly.

At the time we both wondered about it and whether her TV somehow picked up on it and triggered the ads to pop up.

After Wikileaks Vault 7 revelation that our own phones, I pads, TVs and other devices are used to monitor people, that little incidence is revealing. Yes, you can believe your own eyes and make your own connections. We are being monitored, even the most unnecessarily involved people. By that I mean no one involved in foreign espionage, big trade deals or politics.

Anyone doubt the deep state anymore?

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