Hopping to It

Did you know that before Sean Spicer was the press secretary, he had a gig as the Easter bunny. He performed at the Easter Egg roll during the Bush 43 administration.

Melania Trump invited many women to the White House for a luncheon on International Women’s Day. The color worn by protestors on that day was red. Notice everyone has avoided that color here.

In other random notes, Wednesday’s press conference with Sean Spicer brought up a question about Ted and Heidi Cruz’s dinner that night at the White House. Someone asked if President Trump would apologize to them for insulting Heidi. Really? Spicer dodged it, but I bet he was itching to bring up Cruz’s nude model photos of Melania and his embarrassing refusal at the Republican National Convention to back Trump.

As it was, Trump also hosted the Cruz daughters and had a picture taken with them at his Oval office desk. I’d say he’s the bigger man.

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