Shelby GOP Enthused

Mark LuttrellMark Luttrell spoke about his goals as Shelby County Mayor.

Charlotte BergmannCharlotte Bergmann, in a “Fire Pelosi” cap, said she was “energized.”

“Reports of our death have been greatly exaggerated,” said John Ryder, last night, quoting Mark Twain.

Ryder, National Committeeman for Tennessee at the RNC, adressed a crowd at the Victory Celebration/fundraiser at Oaksledge. “Or, to quote Winston Churchill, ‘There is nothing so invigorating as being shot at – and missed,'” Ryder continued, speaking of the U-turn the electorate has taken from the Democrat party to the Republican since the 2008 election. “We are on the brink of an historic election, the likes of which most of us have not seen in our lifetimes. Obama offered change, but we don’t want it. We don’t want to be France without the wine and cheese. We want to be Americans!”

Predicting a 63 pickup in the House and 8-10 more governorships, Ryder pointed to our own community as an example of what’s happening throughout the nation.

“Locally we are up by 26%. Our base is energized and fired up. In Tennessee for the primary, the Republican turnout was 700,000 while only about 200,000 Democrats voted. In 1994 when Tennessee swept the state we had a turnout of 464,000.” People don’t like the Obama agenda, he said, in particular the health care reform. “It lost in Missouri with 71% voting against it,” he noted.

“In this election, vote as if your country depends on it,” Ryder urged.

Shelby County Mayor Mark Luttrell echoed those sentiments. “There are three things we must do in this election. Number 1 is turnout. Number 2 is turnout and Number 3 is turnout,” Luttrell said. “Our work is not done. In August 30% of Memphians voted, which means that 7 out of 10 didn’t. If you don’t vote, we lose our government.”

Luttrell says there are two methods to stop this and he intends to use both. Elected officials “must be good stewards and we must instill confidence in voters and show them we are worthy of their trust. ”
According to Luttrell, his own style of governing will not be flashy.

“I don’t want to just catch headlines. I want to show we are managing things well and preparing for the future. And we must find good people to keep working for us.”

One such person Luttrell found was new Sheriff Bill Oldham. “Oldham’s a straight arrow and will be a better sheriff than I was,” Luttrell said.

Oldham says he has had a good six weeks so far. “Thanks for embracing my candidacy,” Oldham said. Like Luttrell, Oldham pledged to manage our resources well, with an eye to future planning. “Too often it’s the next election people are focused on.”

Charlotte Bergmann, candidate for House District 9 seat, said she felt energized about her campaign. Her workers have been fanning out and making calls, hoping to bolster Republican turnout.

Shelby Republicans enjoyed wine and drinks with pizza and pasta as they mingled with friends. Memphis Flyer report Jackson Baker covered the event.

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