Kelsey’s Question

State Senator Brian Kelsey sent out an email asking supporters what we think of the IMPROVE act scheduled to come up in the Legislature soon.
He outlines it:

The IMPROVE Act is one of the most important pieces of legislation before the Tennessee General Assembly this year. This bill would:

Cut the state sales tax on food from 5% to 4%;
Cut business taxes for manufacturers by $113 million;
Increase the gas tax by 6 cents over a period of three years;
Increase the diesel tax by 10 cents over a period of three years; and
Help fund road improvements.

Before this bill comes up for a vote in the Senate, I would love to hear your thoughts. If you are willing, please fill out my ONE QUESTION survey here. (
It’s an honor to serve you in the state Senate!

Frankly, I am astonished at how quickly and smoothly Haslam’s gas tax initiative has taken root. Why didn’t Republicans in the House and Senate smack down this tax? Raising taxes is not a very conservative thing to do.

Of course I am for road improvements, but what about the surplus the state has of over a billion dollars? Couldn’t some of that money go there?

No problem with cutting $113 million in business taxes; that’s chicken feed and will probably reap more money. As for the food tax, 1% drop is hardly helpful.

We don’t need more taxes on gas. When the question is taxes, the answer is always no.

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