Surprise! CA endorses all Dems

In the six state house seat races it seems no Republican is up to the Commercial Appeal’s high standards.Their reasoning is unconvincing and petulant. In District 86, they are without reasons not to go with Harold Baker, but endorse his opponent anyway. District 85 should go to the Democrat who replaced her husband for that seat upon his death. In 91, they feel Lois DeBerry has been there a long time, so she deserves to stay. In 93 they use that argument for Mike Kernell too, stating he’s been there since 1974. Is that the only requirement, incumbency? Who knew? Clay Shelton in District 89 “has some credible ideas to promote job growth and improve efficiencies in state government” but this doesn’t seem to be a burning issue for them this year and they endorse the Democrat. They call Shelton a “restaurant manager” but omit his current job is as an accountant. The biggest slap is for Curry Todd in 95 who “we strongly oppose his dogged push to allow guns in bars” and lament that he has serious contender. Better luck next time, editors.

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