MLGW Tactics Suspicious

Recently I mentioned that people who opted out of smart meters got letters telling them that their analog meter could not be read and that they could not be billed for their energy use. They asked that customers who wanted to just send some amount of money (!) and, in essence, it would all be figured out later.

It’s quite amazing.

A new letter has gone out that tells customers “Our Customer Information System created a utility exception to verify meter readings and/or inspect equipment operation. MLGW may have to send a field technician to your residence to obtain verified readings and/or inspect your utility equipment. Once the investigation is complete, MLGW will generate and mail your utility bill.”

What does that gobbledygook mean? That they will be yanking your chain until you cave and ask for a smart meter?

I am told from someone who knows a lot about this that “Lots of Odd things are happening. People are opting out and coming home and finding Smart Meters with the conventional, safe analog meter gone, stolen…. Sometimes they are
replacing the glass & metal analog with plastic, fake analog meters. It’s happening a lot. Two Midtown folks had lots of damage from a smart gas meter and a smart electric meter.”

Enough that it caught the attention of city council members. Here’s a video of their questioning MLGW President Jerry Collins:

It’s about 25 minutes long, but worth it. It gets particularly good around the 15 minute mark.

Somebody tell Worth Morgan he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Germany had smart meters throughout the country and they caused so much trouble, they were changed back.

It’s also stunning how arrogant Collins and his butt boy Chris Bievers are. They have forgotten that they work for Memphians and that they have a right to live the way they want.
This video is from February, but nothing seems to have changed at MLGW. People continue to get these letters.

What is the end game in all of this and who benefits? Unfortunately neither the newspaper nor local TV stations care enough to cover this.

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