Ill in Illinois

Our right to vote seems to get handicapped more in every election, but nowhere is the sickness so severe as in Illinois.

Illinois has always been known as corrupt and the dead have voted there for years, but their current attempt to stop the military from voting is even more over the top.

In 2009 Congress passed the Military and Overseas Voter Empowerment act (MOVE) after it was discovered that a quarter of overseas military ballots were never counted in U.S. elections. It requires that every state mail absentee ballots to the military 45 days prior to an election.

Seems reasonable and enforceable.

But with military people voting 3 to 1 for Republicans, states with tight races, and in Democrat hands, don’t like this. That means New York and more pointedly, Illinois.

With a Republican in a tight race for the Barack Obama’s old Senate seat, that raises alarms. Especially since he, Mark Kirk, is slightly ahead or neck and neck in the polls with his opponent, Democrat Alexi Giannoulias, a not especially attractive candidate with a lot of unsavory connections.

Add to it that the Republican is a former military reservist which could give him an edge with the overseas ballot and that spells trouble.

Mix in the fact that the Nov. 2 winner will be seated immediately for the lame duck session since the current senator, Burris, was appointed. And that session may be used to pass and impose some bills unpopular with the electorate but benefiting Democrats and you can see alarms going off in Democratic headquarters. Not to mention the embarrassment of losing the president’s seat to a GOP rival.

What to do?

If you’re Rahm Emanuel or David Axelrod, skilled in the art of Chicago politics, you probably can come up with a solution – stop the soldiers’ ballots from counting. As Ed Lasky suggests at the American Thinker, you make a few calls to your Chicago political machine and that can happen. With Attorney General Eric Holder in charge of the Justice Department and its voting section, no need to worry about consequences.

In fact, the Washington Times was told that “The Voting Section (at DOJ) appears to be in no hurry to enforce the new law and more problematic, appears to be hiding how many states have failed to comply fully with the MOVE Act. As one Wisconsin legislator recently stated, ‘If there’s no push from the feds, I’m not certain that we will see it happen.'”

Need backup on that? Remember J. Christian Adams and the Black Panther voter intimidation case? He and his boss testified that they were told to ignore any white voter intimidation cases.

Rules don’t even seem to matter when the First Lady can come into a polling place in Illinois, as she did yesterday, and blatantly campaign.

But back to the military in Illinois. Cris Cray, director of legislation at the Illinois State Board of Elections, acknowledged that officials in all 110 jurisdictions did not comply with the law. One of those was headed by Illinois election official Robert Delaney who refused to mail 1300 military ballots for 14 days. It just so happens that his county encompasses Scott Air Force Base. Delaney attributed the delay to a wait for a ruling on whether to let the Constitution candidate to be on the ballot, even though two versions could have been sent out to avert the problem. In addition, Illinois law doesn’t make the vote count official until 8-10 days after the election. A delay in their arrival would not hurt.

“I really don’t care what the DOJ says,” Delaney offered.

His boss, President Obama, also dabbled in some questionable methods in his elections. In one early race Obama questioned his rival’s signitures on her write-in campaign and got her disqualified. He wasn’t above redistricting to save his district either. When he ran against the Republican in 2006 for his Senate seat, somehow the sealed divorce papers were made public exposing the husband’s frequenting of sex clubs. The candidate withdrew, assuring an easy race for Obama against Allen Keyes.

With the fox in charge of the chicken coop, who’s going to look out for the soldiers’ votes?

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