Our Senators Deserve Our Scorn

Senator McConnell issued this statement last night on the repeal of Obamacare:

But as the Conservative Treehouse blog noted:

I’m not sure what McConnell’s strategy is here because a “repeal only” amendment on the bill would need 60 votes for passage. It is beyond doubtful that eight democrats are going to vote for a “repeal only” bill. Correction, I just noticed McConnell’s trickery, the 2015 bill was a defunding bill, not a repeal. McConnell is just tricking people into thinking this was going in the direction of a repeal. It’s not.

The GOP have never, ever, voted for a repeal. That would take 60 votes. They voted in 2015 to defund it using the 51 vote threshold of ‘reconciliation’. They’ve never once had a repeal vote on Obamacare.

Therefore, if this actually goes to a vote, this appears to be constructed simply as an exercise to prove a vote was taken. ObamaCare remains and the implosion continues. McConnell’s political calculation here is trickery. Nothing more. O-Care remains.

After eight years of promises, election cycles that put Republicans in office and the triumph of Trump winning the presidency partly by promising the repeal of Obamacare, our Republican senators wouldn’t come together.

Can you name a good one among them? Everyone of them should face a Republican primary challenger. That challenger should win and take the seat away from each. The people we have in the Senate today are the most petty, vile, money grubbing idiots in Senate history.

I used to think we had some good ones. Ted Cruz, for instance, seemed to be a true conservative. He deserves the nickname Trump gave him – Lyin’ Ted. I am currently reading Roger Simon’s book, The Making of a President 2016. He cannot stand Cruz because he is duplicitous. Stone documents time after time that Cruz flagrantly lied. It’s no wonder that his fellow senators despise him.

Rand Paul also seemed to have his head on straight. But he’s been one of the main obstacles to the very repeal he claims to want. Save me from the purists in our party. Their vision of GOP utopia lives only in their own minds. Paul needs to get down off his high horse and help get rid of as much of it as he can and not block repeal. Is he still bitter about his primary plunge?

Mike Lee of Utah also suffers from his Never Trumpism. One of the side effects of it apparently is blindness. He, too, would rather we all have premium hikes, abortion funding and death panels rather than give an inch on repeal. Shame on him. Trump extended the olive branch early to him, proposing his brother’s name for the Supreme Court. Still Lee obstructs.

Susan Collins is not a surprise. She’s always acted more like a Democrat than a Republican. In fact, there’s a ratio to her. The more conservative and Republican a president is, the more she moves away from her party. Thanks for nothing, Sue.

Our own Tennessee senators aren’t exempt from scorn. Corker preens like some kind of foreign policy whiz, but he never has to be responsible for anything. When has Alexander done something? He seems at best inert.

The rest of them have been so caught up in running away from the Russia story that they allow that stupidity to continue. They waste taxpayer money bloviating, but nothing ever happens. All the committees they had to look into Obamas wrongdoings – like Benghazi – went nowhere.

Maybe Roman emperor Caligula was right when he made his horse a senator. All the ones we have seem to produce is dung. Yet we pay their salaries. At least a horse only requires a stable and hay.

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