CA Decline a Daily Occurrence

Our morning publication, as some kindly refer to the CA, gets more unbelievable everyday. And that’s aside from the fake news aspects of it.

Just when you think they’ve hit bottom, they dig a deeper trench. Gannett has not been kind to the CA nor to Memphis.

This spring they fired a lot of people, then hired new ones to replace them. Financial cutbacks? Then how to explain the installation of a new game room in the building? Guess they want to be hip with the “cool places to work” trend. But, oops, they haven’t even fixed the elevators in the building damaged from the Memorial Day storm.

I guess employees can look on the stairs as their new exercise equipment.

At least employees have to deal with these problems. The paying customers have suffered a particularly mean Leftist tsunami since Trump was elected. I haven’t seen one favorable story about him yet. Occasionally they slip up and let a conservative have an editorial – as they did today with Rep. Diane Black – discussing the House Republican budget plan. Outside of that, it’s a daily Trump mud wrestling endeavor.

Yesterday’s story “When will Trump’s exercise, eating habits catch up with him?” was stunningly stupid. Actually, the headline question had a secondary meaning of “if we’re lucky, libs, he’ll die soon” flavor. It was quite a long story, too. A story full of empty calories and bad taste. The subhead, “Medical experts ponder president’s health as potential stress mounts,” added to the stupid.

Of course the job is stressful. So was running a worldwide business, dealing with US regulations and foreign problems, too.

Funny how this same press did not give a whit when Hillary Clinton collapsed in New York on 9/11, wore odd glasses suggestive of a brain problem at the debates and coughed herself mute at campaign appearances. Someone said she had pneumonia and that fed the press with the morsel they needed to concoct a story out of. Nuff said. No need to ask more.

Speaking of food, today’s CA offered another stunner. Almost three quarters of a page – in the news section! – was taken up by this story: “Take the scorch out of summer with fresh, cooling foods.” News flash: it’s hot. News flash: cool foods cool you. They felt it necessary to provide recipes for us, too. If I want that I’ll pick up Family Cirlce or Woman’s Day or look anywhere on the internet.

What? Couldn’t they find something additional to bash Trump with, aside from the almost full page of it on A7. (What’s with the funny indents on the Nation and World Watch? Are we suddenly reading middle to end?)

Something’s very wrong at 495 Union. Do you think it’s stress? Are their exercise and eating habits catching up with the editors down there?

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