This Is Inspiring? (Video)

Is this video awful or what? Who told them this would work?

Is this video awful or what? Who told them this would work?

First, I have to ask, where are they? Is that a photo booth? Or perhaps a police station lineup? Terrible.

“Hello everybody. It’s Barack and Michelle.” Really? How awkward was that? I know Obama thinks we’re stupid, but give me a break! Ditto on the hand on her shoulder. It looks artificial. Like she’s hoping to get through this quickly and get it off of her.

Who told Michelle that was a good sweater? Looks like she pulled it out of the dryer, found it had shrunk, but was in too much of a hurry and went ahead and threw it on. And, it’s ugly to begin with.

Whenever someone starts pointing at me, the gig’s not working. Michelle’s head bobble makes me question if it’s really them up there or did the teleprompter finally find clones for them?

Besides the lack of enthusiasm on their part, the hand wave at the end makes me flinch, too. Families taking their own video resort to that, but then again, they’re not trying to motivate anyone. Don’t think I’d be inspired to go out door to door after this video.

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