Tipping Point

The Progressive/Liberal/Democrat success with making political correctness the unwritten law of the land has been incredible. Today’s Juan Williams-NPR firing couldn’t make it any clearer.

Usually their antipathy only applies to conservatives and Republicans. However, Williams’ connection to Fox News probably made him the exception to the rule. So deep is their hatred that his life’s work in the liberal vineyard didn’t even count.

Last week it was Bill O’Reilly and the women of The View who caught their attention. When O’Reilly dared to say Muslims were behind the 9/11 attacks, liberal feathers were ruffled and some hens walked out on him. That let loose a week of breast beating and posing the liberal media took delight in, happy to dub O’Reilly a bigoted, mean spirited person.

Remember Don Imus and his comments? That story got so old it could have collected Social Security.

Christine O’Donnell was a more recent gift to the thought police. Her opponent for the Delaware Senate seat, Chris Coons doesn’t have to offer any political solutions; he just has to bring up the witch comment.
Nary a week goes by without some “outrage” against others being done by knuckle dragging right wingers who live in flyover country or work on talk radio if you listen to or read the liberal media (pardon my repetition).

The smearing hasn’t just applied to people. A whole state, Arizona, got the political correctness smack down when it dared to address illegal immigration by making laws. Suddenly it became the land of prejudice where hard working immigrants are oppressed by everyday evil Americans. Where was the focus on the issue in these attacks? Upholding the rule of law and the right to self defense disappeared from the argument.

Besides giving liberals a weapon to bludgeon anyone they don’t like and get rid of their enemies, the tactic is also diversionary. This week we’re not talking about issues such as the bad economy, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan or the Ground Zero Mosque. We’re talking about made up problems rather than tackling real ones.

I think the left forgets that if they keep accusing everyone of being prejudiced, eventually everyone will be.

It’s like the teenager who actually has good intentions, but if the parents keep telling him he is bad, he gives up and decides I might as well be bad if that’s what I’m going to be cast as anyway.

This has very ugly consequences. Some of us have lived long enough to witness the change in attitude in the ’60s and ’70s when we went from exclusion of blacks from television, offices and executive posts to a reverse course where Americans saw that discrimination and most of us put an end to it.

But keep this up and patience will wear thin.

Kind of fitting that Juan Williams, who has been a Kool Aid drinking defender of President Obama and the left ends up getting skewed by them.

America’s chickens coming home to roost for Juan? Who was it who said that?

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