Wendi More of a Blip Than a Threat

Wendi, Wendi, Wendi.

Where to start with the doomed writings of Commercial Appeal, anti Tea Party backed writer Wendi Thomas, who is challenging the integrity of Charlotte Bergmann in the Ninth District race against Congressman Steve Cohen.

Let’s start with Wendi’s ignorance – the symbol of a political and journalistic novice and her delusions.

While knocking Bergmann with every brick in her arsenal (and there aren’t many) she makes the eye popping statement that Nancy Pelosi “who contrary to what Republican TV ads might have you believe – is not on the November ballot.”

Really? Because every member of the House is up for reelection every two years. I’d expect someone who writes about politics – or is a high school graduate – to know that. Nancy didn’t retire and make way for another San Francisco Democrat liberal. She’s in the game. Once you come across that unbelievable statement by Ms. Thomas you can’t trust another thing she says.

And Wendi’s picture on a white background with type wrapped around Thomas’ picture? FYI: it never resembles the person and is only appropriate for a person seeking publicity. Maybe you’re jealous, Wendi. Charlotte looks a whole lot better on her signs than you do on your column.

Funny you should say the 9th Congressional District is as blue as the sky. It didn’t seem so blue on August 5th. Or did you forget that Republicans swept the elections defeating a Ford who you say “owned the district for decades and for the foreseeable future.” They didn’t own it in 2006 when Corker defeated Harold Ford Jr. in the Senate race either and garnered a much smaller portion of Shelby County than an illustrious Ford should have.

Is that why Republicans are just “blips on the political screen”?

Who remembers the Republican Cohen faced in the 2006 election? Lots of us remember Mark White and, in case you didn’t know it, he is currently serving as a representative in the State House.

Sorry you don’t think Charlotte voices any “original ideas.” In this area, just being a black Republican woman IS an original idea. When Cohen comes to mind what original idea has he brought forth? More women’s restrooms in buildings? Oh, wow. Now that IS genius.

It’s funny that you should embrace a community living off food stamps and unemployment. I would think any Memphian would be for that unless they are seeking a permanent dependent voter base. Sounds to me like someone who wants to “turn back the hands of time” to an era of black dependency known as slavery.
So thank you, Wendi, for the entertainment.

You may now join the other ignorant people on the porch.

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