Shut the Door and Shut Up; It’s Over

Allegations of fraud and cheating in the August 5 election made the front page of the newspaper, but when the Election Commission is vindicated, as it was today, it’s in Section B.

Truth is, there never was a story there. There wasn’t any vote fraud. Those of us who worked at the polls on that day can say from experience that there were enough safety checks to ensure that everyone’s vote counted. I was a judge at my precinct when fellow Midtowner Dist. Atty. Gen. Bill Gibbons walked in and was flagged as someone who had already voted. We laughed because he is an honorable man and because he’s a Republican and certainly wouldn’t be excluded had there been some plot by Republicans to shut other Republicans out.

With the list of absentee voters posted on the wall, when someone’s name came up as having voted and wasn’t on that list, it was obvious that some glitch had occurred. People could fill out a provisional ballot as a backup. Shortly after lunch the Election Commission verified that there was a problem, but to make sure everyone got to vote. Case closed.

Of course, the Democrats – after they lost – didn’t want to see it that way. Even after Judge Arnold Goldin agreed that there were mistakes in the election, but that there wasn’t any fraud, the Democrats still didn’t believe it.

Now the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation has revealed the results of their inquiry. “If one’s goal were to skew an election in a particular direction, it would be a poor plan indeed to randomly affect the votes of approximately 3 percent of the expected turnout,” read their report.

Evidently the Democrats are still unconvinced. They are considering an appeal to Judge Goldin’s decision.
That alone should persuade any independent that the Democrats aren’t interested in the truth, but only power.

Thanks for showing them the light, Dems!

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