Dems Gone Wild

Every election season has its jackassery, but this November’s kicks it up a notch.

Thankfully that activity is on the part of the donkey party this year. The GOP has been circumspect, save for Carl Palladino, but even then his reaction to his child’s privacy is at least understandable.

But the Democrats? Fear and loathing has driven them to froth at the mouth.

Leading them is the president himself who can’t seem to do anything but step in it whenever he gets before a microphone. Many of his mistakes seem driven by his car metaphor for the state of the economy.

For months Obama’s been talking about how the Republicans drove the car into the ditch and how he and the Democrats have struggled to get it out of there. Every time he speaks he elaborates. First, it was them getting into the ditch, getting hot, working hard and getting it out. Then, he couldn’t leave that alone and said the Republicans were sitting on the sidelines sipping a Slurpee. He amused himself so much with this image that his next punchline was that he didn’t want to give the keys back. At other speeches the car was placed on a cliff, hurtling, twisting and flipping all the way to the rocky bottom. Al Sharpton, who also loves a good story, added an alligator attack. Evidently even nature was conspiring against the heroic Democrats.

The next turn in the story came the other day. Obama graciously told his audience “We don’t mind the Republicans joining us, but they gotta sit in the back.” In today’s racially charged atmosphere, you have to finish that phrase with “of the bus.” Obama knows that. He couldn’t resist adding a little class and race warfare. Stupid and inflammatory.

Next, he goes on Latino radio and asks for votes to “punish our enemies and reward our friends.” Since when are Americans at war with each other? Does our president really want that? We’ve already had a Civil War and it didn’t work out too well.

Other candidates’ campaigns have the same smell of desperation. The Democratic gubernatorial candidate in Florida, Alex Sink, seemed to cheat during her debate when she got info on a phone call. In Kentucky, the Democrats launched a activist to stalk and lunge at Rand Paul before his debate. Someone tackled her, but she seemed to know what she was doing. She’s done similar things before and earned felony charges in May in Lousiana at a protest.

Then Russ Carnahan, Democrat in Missouri, appears to have used a seance group as a front to funnel money to lefty investigators to dig up dirt on his opponent, Ed Martin.

In Nevada, voters find their electronic ballots already punched for Harry Reid. Allegations that he is giving people free food and gift cards to vote for him are surfacing, too. Similar hijinks are happening in North Carolina.

Have you ever seen the Democrats so out of control?

Even “civilians” are piling it on. Joy Behar can’t restrain herself on “The View.” She yelled “Come here, bitch,” to Sharon Angle. “You’re going to hell!” Why not actually mud wrestle Angle, Joy? At least that would be more honest and more dignified than your outbursts.

I skip over the assaults on the Tea Party. They’ve been going on all year. We’re used to every invective being hurled at them by now.

How much more can they squeeze in in the last few days of the campaign? Don’t underestimate them. We’ll have to put up with it just a little longer.

Then the GOP tow truck can come and get the car out of the mud, although the Democrats seem to love and wallow in it.

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