Tea Party at NAACP

Mark Skoda“I am pleased with the way things turned out,” said Mark Skoda, Memphis Tea Party chairman, outside the NAACP on Vance yesterday.

He and 25 others gathered to protest the Commercial Appeal columnist Wendi Thomas’ hit piece on Charlotte Bergmann Sunday, in which Thomas told Bergmann go to “the porch.”

Tea Party at NAACP Memphis

Although the Memphis NAACP chapter declined to come out and talk with the Tea Partiers, officials met with Skoda and Mid South Tea Party chair Mark Herr. “Our purpose is not to embarrass the NAACP, but to request that they understand that we reject epithets of any kind,” Skoda said. “Our goal is to reach out to the NAACP and have them understand that we want to build on our common ground. But we’re not going to stand for false accusations.”

Protestors, who did not carry any signs, were respectful. Ms. Bergmann herself declined to attend, but appreciated the efforts. A march to the Commercial Appeal had been planned, but organizers backed down after Skoda talked to editor Chris Peck and opinion editor Otis Sanford.

“We got what we wanted,” Skoda said. “Number 1, we got the CA to respond. No. 2 we got an OK to write an op-ed that will appear before Monday in which we will rebut what Thomas wrote.”
In particular, organizers want a retraction of Thomas’ assertion that Bergmann wants to repeal the 14th and 19th amendments. Skoda called that assertion ridiculous.

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